As the Academy Awards approach, I’m once more reminded that in eight years of marriage, Tim and I have been to exactly one movie. Atonement on our 5th anniversary. I read other people’s blogs and see long, long lists of movie recommendations. Or read postings on Facebook about movies people have seen on their release day.

Not us.
I’m the one to blame. So far, I’ve been unsuccessful at finding reliable babysitting. And it often seems as if when I do find one, we pay dearly the next day. Unfortunately, I haven’t been good about enforcing bedtime on the rare occasions when we are out. So when we return, the kids are still awake and monumentally overtired.

I want to see a movie on a big screen! At night, on a date with my husband.

The babysitter search begins now!


2 Responses to “Movies”

  1. Leonora says:

    Any time you want I’ll baby sit for you… goodness knows I have the experience! You guys have to take time out for yourselves!

  2. Jessica says:

    Really, Leonora???? You could bring your kids over, pizza and DVDs here. Sounds very tempting on this side. We definitely need to get out more!

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