Working Man

Mateo’s preschool is on spring break this week—Olivia’s is off next week—so he and I have been hanging out. It’s nice for us to spend time alone together for a change.

 We’re starting some delayed maintenance on our house and are in the “gathering estimates” stage. Several contractors have come over to measure floors and ceilings and thump on things with hammers, and watching them in action has been a dream-come-true for Mateo. After the last contractor left yesterday, Mateo gathered up a fistful of screwdrivers to investigate how the front door works. The door worked fine, so my son decided he would attempt to scale the side gate instead.

After I rescued him from impaling himself, Mateo went to work on the metal grates on the driveway next to the garage. We recycle rainwater through the grates, by channeling it under the garage and out to the garden in the backyard. With his trusty hammer and screwdrivers, Mateo pried open the grates to clean out the leaves and sticks that get stuck and clog them up. My pink kitchen gloves were the first ones he found. 

Tomorrow, we wash the car.


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