Dubrovnik, Croatia is considered one of the most beautiful fortified cities in the world. Yesterday, Tim and I walked around the top of the wall that surrounds it. The great views of the roof tops made me appreciate why so many painters from this part of Europe choose that perspective as their subject. I learned that Dubrovnik is where the concept of “quarantine” developed. Crew from arriving ships were isolated for 40 days to ensure that new diseases were not introduced to the local population.

To me, the most spectacular part of Dubrovnik is the stone streets, polished by the feet of pedestrians to an almost unnatural-seeming shine. My photos unfortunately cannot capture this quality. I can show you Tim and me at the restaurant where we ate fresh seafood caught a few hours earlier right outside the door in the magnificent Adriatic Sea, and a photo of me with the young artist we met whose paintings I admired and bought.  Below that, a photo of the rooftops new and old. Today we leave for the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb.


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8 Responses to “Dubrovnik”

  1. Sveta says:


    These are some nice shots! I can’t wait to read more, and see more pictures. It sounds like you are having a fanastic time, and I am so glad you decided to go. Hmm, I think I like this new travel-blogger Jessica. Please write and post more if you are able, this is amazing stuff.

  2. Deanna says:

    Jess…the restaurant looks so cool… and that artist’s eye’s are compelling. The kids and nanny 911 are doing great….

    love you,

    think “glass presents” for Patrice

  3. cynthia rovero says:

    hi jessica,

    i too love the travel insights. want to comment though on how moved i was yesterday while viewing “mother and child” i found the desperation of naomi watts performance extremely moving and the emotional rollarcoaster portrayed by annete benning touching alot of my heartstrings. thank you for pointing me in the direction to take the time for the subject that is so close to our hearts :)

  4. Jessica says:

    Sveta: Am thinking of you a lot, especially now in Zagreb. I almost forgot how exciting it is to explore a new part of the world. Always a new perspective, which is so enlarging.
    Deanna/aka Nanny 911. Thank you so much again for holding down the fort. Could not do it without you. The artist definitely has the eyes, figuratively and literally. ALso love the way she took the native dress and made it her own. Thanks for the tip re: POD. And you? I’m on the lookout for something perfect.
    Cynthia: Perfect description of performances by Naomi W and Annette B. So right on both counts. Very happy you saw the movie and were moved by it. Thanks for letting me know.

  5. cynthia rovero says:

    hi jessica,

    maybe this is just a coincidence, but moving people in my life have been jessicas one being my very close girlfriend of appox. 20 years and my very close to my heart grandmothers favorite uncle of which she had 7 was her uncle jess.

    yes i am happy i saw the movie and mentioned it to my daughter to see it too, when the time is right i will tell my son or my daughter will mention it to him. back when i was going to the marin adopt. group gatherings a nice member lady showed a film about an adoptee and we all commented on it. this would be a great film to do the same, but not being involved in a group that does that it is great to have you and another friend to do so with.

  6. Lisa says:

    Swabbie!! Thank G-d for your blog or I’d feel so out of touch!
    You look so happy and beautiful. Hope it’s been a restorative trip for you both.
    Call me sooooooon.

  7. Jessica says:

    cynthia: i feel honored to be another special jessica/jess in your life. thank you so much.
    when i get back from this trip, i’d love to get together with you to talk more about the movie. let’s try to do that. like you, i always find discussion of adoption very worthwhile.

    Lisa: You are too kind, my friend. We have so much catching up to do. I’ll call as soon as we return.

  8. Rimas says:

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    merci encore

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