Ambassador Susan Jacobs in Guatemala to discuss adoption

The U.S. State Department announced that Ambassador Susan Jacobs will be in Guatemala from December 7 to 11 to discuss pending adoption cases. This is great news for the families whose adoptions have been on hold since adoptions from Guatemala closed in December 2007. Ambassador Jacobs will also discuss the future of adoptions from the country, a subject of great interest to many interested in international adoption. My personal hope is that  headway will be made toward establishing adequate safeguards in the system so that adoptions may someday be reopened. Read the article here.

“Special Advisor for Children’s Issues Ambassador Susan Jacobs will visit Guatemala December 7 – 11 for meetings on intercountry adoption. She will meet with government officials and nongovernmental adoption stakeholders to discuss the status of U.S. citizen adoption cases that have been pending since the suspension of new adoptions by Guatemala in 2007. She will also discuss Guatemala’s efforts to implement new intercountry adoption safeguards that would provide a path toward future adoption processing.”


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