Reading at The Regulator and dinner at Sharon’s

Wednesday night I had an amazing reading at The Regulator Bookshop in Durham, North Carolina. Amazing, first, because The Regulator is such a charming, friendly independent bookstore, with a huge inventory of books for readers of all ages. And second, because the audience was so insightful about adoption. Nearly everyone contributed at least one question or comment–on subjects ranging from the politics of name-changing, to media coverage about international adoption and how it affects our children, to the possibility of our children wanting to return to Guatemala permanently.

I’m grateful to my husband’s colleague, Neil Prose, and his wife, who invited me to Durham, and to fellow adoptive mother, Marcie Pachino and her daughter, for making me feel so welcome.

Last evening, Sharon McCarthy hosted a dinner for me with her book group at her home in Washington, DC. Sharon and I met the first day of high school, in homeroom, and have been friends ever since. The members of her book group are as fabulous as she is. Here are a few photos. Thank you, Sharon!

I just arrived in 30th Station Philadelphia via Amtrak. Tonight, I read at the Borders in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. The Mamalita Book Tour has turned out to be a great opportunity to reconnect with friends. What a bonus! More later~


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6 Responses to “Reading at The Regulator and dinner at Sharon’s”

  1. Janine says:

    How fun! How wonderful to be in the company of warm, welcoming people and connecting with old friends, to boot!

    thanks for taking the time to share.

  2. cynthia says:

    hi jessica,

    i admire your tenacity for being able to answer questions from a-z on the topic of adoption with dignity and poise.

    it seems to me it would be nice to have a book with the questions and answers for adoptive families as the topic of adoption is becoming something that is openly discussed moreover.

    again, best of luck to you on your book tour.

    sincerely, cynthia rovero

  3. Jessica says:

    Hi Janine: Who could have predicted this side effect of writing a book? Makes me regret the years I didn’t connect with old friends. Better late than never~!

    Hi Cynthia: As adoptive parents, we learn from each other, you know? Also from families who have gone before us. Your experiences have helped me, for example. Adoption is discussed more openly than it it was, and books on the subject can help. Good idea: I should try to assemble a list of titles. Fun to be on the road, but also will be nice to be home. Thanks for writing.

  4. Pat Ligon says:

    Hi Jessica:
    It was great to meet you as a person and a friend of Avvy’s. I just finished the book and it was so engrossing I could hardly put it down. I am going to share it with many of my friends. My cousin, Andrea Matis, wrote a book about adopting her first child, Bruce. It is called Serenaid, A triumph of Love.
    This site tells about her and some of her difficulties.
    You did handle the questions so well and the audience seemed quite taken with you and your story. I have enjoyed meeting you and reading you well written story.
    Best wishes for more writing.
    Take care.

  5. Jessica says:

    I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to meet you, Pat! Avvy is one of my favorite people–as well as being a cherished member of my writing group–which made our meeting even more special. Thanks so much coming to the reading, reading my book, and sharing with others. Will check out Andrea Matis’s, which looks fascinating; appreciate your pointing me to it.
    Next time you’re in California, hope we can meet for coffee.

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