San Diego, Part 4. Water world

Yesterday morning, while Olivia and Tim stayed home to struggle with my daughter’s math enrichment homework–a long story for another day–Mateo and I took a walk on the beach. At that hour, on a Thursday in April, the flat stretch was almost deserted. I strolled while Mateo skipped ahead, stopping every few feet to examine the thousands of rocks and shells that had washed up on shore. Neither of us could remember ever seeing so many.

On the way home, we spied two sweethearts kissing in the shallow water. In the sand, one had drawn a heart with an arrow through it, proclaiming his love. Mateo asked me to walk ahead, then wrote his own proclamation, shown below. If I could have, I would have cast his drawing in bronze. As an alternative, this picture.

Afterward, the kids decided they wanted to go swimming, so we headed for a public pool. If you ever wonder why a large number of athletes who compete on the national level live in San Diego, here’s why: Local municipalities and their residents dedicate substantial funds to athletic facilities, like this public pool, open to non-residents willing to pay a day rate. Wonderful. Tim and I took turns watching the kids and alternated swimming laps. Everyone got a work-out.

After an afternoon playing in the sun, pizza sounded good. Thus ended another beautiful day in San Diego. 


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3 Responses to “San Diego, Part 4. Water world”

  1. Bug's Mom says:

    Great pictures, Jessica! Mateo’s drawing is so sweet, and you love beautiful in the picture of you and Tim. Is that pool in Coronado? It looks great! I was actually blown away by all the community pools in Marin when we first moved there. There aren’t many public pools in LJ and PB, other than the Plunge in Mission Beach where I used to swim regularly.

  2. susanne says:

    Once a beach girl, always a beach girl! This story gave me goosebumps as I think of what an amazing family you have become… through your persistence, dedication and the tremendous love you have for your children, you have created your story not only in your book but in real life!!!

  3. Jessica says:

    Bug’s Mom: The pool is in Coronado and is fantastic. In SD, a great community pool in Poway (near my folks) which we also love. We don’t swim in Marin, probaby because we’re here in the summer, and Marin in winter–brrrr! Should make more effort to find indoor pools because the kids really love to swim. In SF, the Koret pool is fab.

    Sues: Absolutely yes :-) )) Thanks for reading and for your kind words. I’m a very lucky gal. Mateo says hi!

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