Summer Vacation

No lunches to make, no bus to run for, no shoes to find, no  totes to pack. The kids are sleeping late.

Yes, today is the first Monday of summer vacation.

Last night, Olivia and Mateo rode bikes and scooters until dark while Tim and I shot hoops–as in basketball. When’s the last time we did that?

This week, we head for Colorado and Heritage Camp, where Mamalita is the book club selection–available on Kindle and Nook for easy downloading–and then I go to the fabulous Prairie Lights Bookstore in Iowa City to read on Tuesday, June 28 at 7 p.m. My friend, Gretchen B. Wright, will meet me there–Gretchen and I met at a writing workshop at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala–as will other friends through adoption.

But first, a few photos. The playground at Mateo’s school, alive with students and teachers dancing to the Slumdog Millionaire anthem, Jai Ho. Olivia and Mateo presenting Tim with his Father’s Day gift, a miniature skateboard handmade by Mateo in a woodshop class, against a backdrop of their own design. And finally, Mateo drawing during his last day as a kindergartener.

Another year, gone.


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2 Responses to “Summer Vacation”

  1. cynthia rovero says:

    summer schedule gives a family breathing room to play and enjoy each others fun side. love the ways your family chooses to celebrate summer together. so glad to hear that your presence in sharing the mamalita story is welcome and getting great reviews too.

    happy times

    love, c


  2. Jessica says:

    in colorado now, in vacation mode. even as we live these days, i know they will be cherished memories. we’re lucky we can be together.

    thanks, c.

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