Guatemalan judge rules US couple must return child

A Guatemalan judge has ruled that a Missouri couple must return their adopted daughter to Guatemala, Associated Press writer Sonia Perez reported in the Wednesday, August 3 edition of the Kansas City Star.

A Guatemalan judge has ordered a U.S. couple to return their adopted daughter to her birth mother, siding with a human rights group that says the girl was stolen by a child trafficking ring and put up for adoption.

Judge Angelica Noemi Tellez Hernandez confirmed Wednesday that she ruled in favor of the mother, who is represented by the Survivors’ Foundation.

The rights group, which released a copy of the ruling Tuesday night, claims the girl was kidnapped in 2006 and taken out of the country under a new name two years later and was last known to be living in Missouri.

Tellez’s ruling also says Guatemala’s government must cancel the passport used to take the girl out of the country. It further orders that if the girl is not returned within two months, Guatemalan authorities should solicit help locating the girl from Interpol, the international police organization.

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It goes without saying that this is the worst nightmare of any adoptive parent. The U.S. Embassy has not yet responded to the ruling.


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2 Responses to “Guatemalan judge rules US couple must return child”

  1. Erin Siegal says:

    I think it’s fair to say that having a child abducted is also the worst nightmare of any mother. The situation is heartbreaking all around. There are more details about the case here:

  2. Jessica says:

    For any mother, that is absolutely correct, Erin. Thanks for the clarification. For an adoptive mother, a disrupted adoption due to false paperwork may feel equally shattering.

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