Facebook friends, please vote to help the children of Guatemala

I’ve posted before about two organizations our family has visited and supports in Guatemala: Mayan Families and Mission Guatemala. Another worthy group that works in the Lake Atitlan region is Amigos de Santa Cruz. Right now, all three are trying to win grants from Chase Community Giving, in a giveaway hosted by Chase on Facebook.

If you’re on Facebook, please help them succeed by following these simple directions to cast your vote. Voting ends Tuesday, November 22. So please act now!

Here’s a note from Sharon Smart-Poage of Mayan Families:

Chase Community Giving is giving money to 100 non-profits.
First place is $250,000.
2nd,3rd, 4th and 5th all receive $100,000.
…6th place through 100th place all will receive $25,000 each.

Each person gets 10 votes. Please vote for Mayan Families, Amigos de Santa Cruz, and Mission Guatemala. We work together, and can all win.

STEP 1: Open Chase Community Giving on Facebook
http://apps. facebook. com/chasecommuni tygiving/ charities/ 208433997- mayan-families? src=twitter)

and “Like” the Chase Community Giving. (NOTE: please do not confuse “Like” Mayan Families as voting for Mayan Families. Being “Liked” is nice, but it does not count as a vote to win).

STEP 2: Click “Vote and Share” for these 3 non-profits:
1. Mayan Families -
> http://apps. facebook. com/chasecommuni tygiving/ charities/ 208433997- mayan-families? src=charity_ share

2. Amigos de Santa Cruz -
> http://apps. facebook. com/chasecommuni tygiving/ charities/ 912155843- amigos-de- santa-cruz? src=charity_ share

3. Mission Guatemala -
> http://apps. facebook. com/chasecommuni tygiving/ charities/ 264500667- mission-guatemal a?src=charity_ share

PLEASE vote and have EVERYONE you know (friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc.) vote too! It only takes ONE (1) click ONE (1) time for these 3 non-profits to win!


From Sharon’s blog:

I really think that if people saw how children live here, that they don’t have clean drinking water, that they often don’t have a bathroom, that some of them sleep on a straw mat on a dirt floor, they don’t have enough blankets and are cold, that they wake up hungry, they go to bed hungry, they have terrible stomach cramps from parasites, that their little feet are cramped into shoes that are too tight or a falling apart and held together with string…just so that they have something to cover their feet…..that surely they would vote for us to enable us to help these children.

The reason that we so desperately need this $25,000 is that donations are flat due to the economic crisis that we are all feeling. We can understand that. But here is a chance at “free” money, it doesn’t cost anything ….just a moment to vote and spread the word.

We need this donation to be able to keep the pre-school/after-school and feeding centers running.

Please ask everyone you know, who may be sympathetic, to take a few moments and vote for us.

Thank you!

Sharon Smart-Poage


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  1. Jessica says:

    Great news! All 3 nonprofits were awarded $25,000 each from Chase. Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote.

  2. Oh I only just saw this post (so too late to vote) but how fab – well done Chase!

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