Oxygen Network to air series on adoption

Beginning Monday, July 23 at 11 PM ET/PT, The Oxygen Network will present a six-part docu-series titled I’m Having Their Baby, which the network bills as “an unprecedented look at adoption in America.” Check your local listings for details.

Here’s a partial description from Oxygen’s announcement:

Adoption may be something that nearly everyone is familiar with, but fewer may know what the process involves and just how difficult it can be for those involved. Oxygen Media is now attempting to fill that void with a new six-part docu-series entitled “I’m Having Their Baby,” which offers an inside look at the world of adopting a child, including the story of the birth mother and her experience in letting go and making such an important decision.

Each hour-long episode of “I’m Having Their Baby,” documents the journey of two pregnant women who have decided to give their baby up for adoption, capturing the emotional struggles and reasons why they have chosen that path. And while each scenario is vastly different, each birth mother shares the commonality of wanting a better life for their child and for themselves. However, the biggest challenge was winning the trust of the subjects involved.


“Any time you approach someone in that time in lives it is hard, it took a long time to gain their trust, for them to trust us to tell their story,” Rourke continued. “But once they jump in, they really let us inside. They all wanted to put a face on birth moms and show adoption as a great choice. It was a great privilege to be allowed to tell these stories.”

Rourke hopes the series not only teaches audiences a thing or two about the process, but leaves them inspired by the heart-wrenching, deeply personal stories.

We don’t have cable TV or DISH in our house, but I plan to impose on other family members to watch. This series looks that interesting. ~



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