A few links

Here are links to a few articles I’ve read lately that I found interesting, as well as to two new TV shows that deal with adoption and foster care:

In the New York Times, Eager To Adopt, Evangelicals Find Perils Abroad.

On the Huffington Post, by Kathryn Joyce, Author of The Child Catchers: Rescue, Trafficking, and the New Gospel of Adoption, The Problem With the Christian Adoption Movement.

From the US State Department, Update on Intercountry Adoptions in Guatemala.

On NBC News, an interesting look at an open adoption, Woman’s Struggle Over Adoption Leads to Modern Family.

An ABC Family series about a multi-cultural family through adoption and foster care, headed by two moms, The Fosters.

And finally,

A new reality show on the GMC cable channel, featuring Leigh Anne Touhy of The Blind Side fame, Family Addition With Leigh Anne Touhy.

Enjoy! ~


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