Summer in San Diego

I’m in San Diego with the kids, where my sister Deanna and her three girls also are visiting. I love being in a quiet house with sleeping children, the morning after a day at the swimming pool and dinner at our favorite taco restaurant, topped off with big bowls of mint chip ice cream over a game of Monopoly. This entire summer, I’ve never slept better. Playing outside all day does that to you, I guess. Once I gave up the idea of trying to “do” anything else–writing, reading, exercising in a focused way, and a million other activities and tasks I can’t remember now because I’m distracted thinking about getting breakfast on the table–I’ve cherished this summer. We can’t be productive all the time, you know?

Sometimes we just have to load up the snacks and the beach towels and the sunscreen and pile everyone into the minivan to drive hither and yon in search of the perfect pool, beach, playground, or zoo. This summer, that’s my job. And I’m grateful.






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