Today I treated myself to the 3D version of Gravity. What an experience. Even more so than the epic tension of being literally lost in space was the realization of how beautiful and fragile life is, how important it is to focus on what is right in front of us, to embrace what is good. I know this. Of course I know this! But a gripping and moving reminder never hurts. See this film if you can.

Today I also received the lovely news that one of my favorite adoption-related blogs, Creating a Family, named Mamalita to its list of Recommended “Adoption Books for Parents.” That makes me very happy! Perhaps unreasonably so, but  I don’t care admitting: I’m happy! Grateful, too. (I’d add this to my Gratitude List if I were still keeping one. Another ball I seem to have dropped, alas.)  It’s always nice for work to be recognized by an organization you admire. Thank you!

Last night I attended a reading by one of my favorite writers, Ann Hood. She read from her most recent novel, The Obituary Writer–a great read–and talked a little about her writing process, always the best part, for me, of any writer’s presentation. To try to recap here will make me only sound pretentious, I’m afraid, but one lesson I will share is that thinking about the structure of a book, before sitting down to write a word, is never wasted energy. I left the reading inspired to keep going on my own at-the-moment somewhat undefined project, to write a synopsis, to nail down the elements and “about-ness.” If you ever have a chance to listen to Ann Hood speak or read, make the effort. She’s fabulous.

This weekend I will go visit my parents. Looking forward to the trip. ~





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