NY Times on foster-adopt families

This November 14, 2013 New York Times article, God Called Them to Adopt. And Adopt and Adopt and Adopt,¬†focuses mainly on two families who adopted several children from foster care, and their experiences. What I really like about this piece is the candor of the parents involved, who are honest about their struggles, including the struggles they never anticipated. One quote: “‘When I first went into this, I had this idea that everyone should be doing this,’ [the mom] told me, referring to foster-care adoption. ‘But if you are going to do it, you better be darn well sure you can handle it.’” And another: “I thought, I’m just going to love these kids… and it will be fine. I had no idea.”
I would say the same for adoption of any kind. You don’t know, can’t know, the challenges you may face, and you better be committed to take on whatever comes your way. I really admire the commitment and strength of the parents profiled, who clearly love their children and want to do what is best for them.
Please be warned that there’s a layer of religion that overlays the article, and if this offends you, prepare to be offended. But honestly, from my reading, the dedication of the parents as described transcends religious beliefs. The writer Maggie Jones penned an excellent article on a complicated subject. Finally,¬†as usual, the comments from readers on the Times website may sting. You may need to brace yourself before reading.


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