New book about surrogacy

A new book about gestational surrogacy, The Baby Chase, sounds fascinating. From an interview on NPR with the author, Leslie Morgan Steiner, which you can listen to here:

Well, you know, for centuries, infertility meant you couldn’t have your own biological children. But today, because of advances in surrogacy and IVF, anyone can have a baby. So two openly gay men who want to raise their own biological children together or a woman who had cancer in her 20s and had her uterus removed or a 50-year-old law firm partner who was decided after menopause that she wants to have her own child – because of surrogacy, all of those people can have their own babies today.

And this video from the New York Times recaps the story of perhaps the most famous surrogate, Mary Beth Whitehead, who gave birth to the child known as Baby M. The case took place in New Jersey in the 1980s and I remember it vividly.┬áHere’s a link to an article about it by Clyde Haberman in the New York Times.



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