Annual gathering

Memorial Day weekend we hosted our annual barbeque/pot luck for adoptive families with children born in Guatemala. This is our third year hosting this particular party, and in addition to our 65 or so regular guests, several new families attended. How many people, I don’t know. Many! A lot!

People eating on the back decks, chatting in the living room, jumping on the trampoline. In the sun, in the shade, upstairs, downstairs. As we adults visited and caught up, we were thrilled to watch our children run together in packs. The way they “know” each other, recognize each other in a deep way. Even the new kids were absorbed right in. “You’re from Guatemala and you’re adopted? Immediate membership!” This annual party is one of the best days of our year.

Adoption has changed our lives in ways we never anticipated. Am I “grateful”? You bet.


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  1. Paula Kulik says:

    Hello Jessica,

    I read you book with great interest, twice.

    My husband and I adopted a little girl from Guatemala in 2001.
    Do you know of gatherings for Latin American adoptive family this Summer
    or Autumn 2014, in Canada or the U.S.A.? Thank you in advance.

  2. Jessica says:

    Hi Paula:
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Always wonderful to hear from other adoptive parents with children from Guatemala. Here are two links to camps for adoptive families. May be too late for this year, but you can keep in mind for next year. We’ve been to Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families in Colorado and Moguate in Missouri and loved both. Colorado is larger, with more “organized” activities. The kids are grouped by age and do fun stuff while the adults attend workshops. The panel discussions there have taught me a lot. Moguate is less structured, but like Heritage Camp, very bonding for families. Dillon also sponsors a day camp in Oklahoma that we enjoyed. I’ve heard good things about La Semana.

    Culture Camps Adoptive Family Travel

    Culture Camps Adoptive Family Travel
    Culture camps for adoptees and their families provide a foundation for homeland travel where lifelong friends are often created. Find a camp here.
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    Hope this helps!

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