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I recently watched this video, 11 Things About Asian Adoptees with DanAKADan, with 13-year-old Olivia and 10-year-old Mateo. They liked it a lot. One child paused the film and said, “They make being adopted sound cool.” The video was sent to me by Heritage Camps in Colorado, which gets an endorsement at the end.

My friend and fellow adoptive mom Lisa shared this video, Adoption and Identity Intertwined, on an adoption listserve. It’s composed of short interviews with teens who are adopted–some born the US, some in China and other countries. They talk about identity and what “being adopted” means to them. I plan to re-watch later with Olivia and Mateo to hear their reactions. And (no surprise here), discuss.  (ps: I noticed the music was composed by DanAKADan, whose video I shared above. Talented young man.)



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3 Responses to “Two videos”

  1. Mei Kelly says:

    I’m sure if I posted a comment before; but I hope the film will be be a good conversation starter for your family. I’m glad it can be utilized as the intended purpose to educate and be a starting point for identity discussions/ exploration.

  2. Mei Kelly says:

    **Sorry I meant to say I’m not sure if I had commented/reached out

  3. Jessica says:

    An excellent conversation starter, and yes, I shared with my children and others in my adoption community.
    Thanks for reaching out, Mei. Glad to connect and look forward to reading more of your blog.

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