Book: Traditional Weavers of Guatemala

As a gift to myself, I bought Traditional Weavers of Guatemala by Deborah Chandler, long-time resident of Guatemala, former director of Mayan Hands, and all-around expert on weaving. The book is as gorgeous as you would expect, with stunning photos and fascinating stories of individual artisans. Just a thought around holiday time, in case you know someone obsessed with textiles.

Here’s the description from Amazon:

Against the backdrop of Guatemala, this book presents portraits of artisans working in the ancient traditions of the Maya paired with insights into the creation of the textiles and the events that have affected their work. Weaving, spinning, and basket making have sustained the Maya economically and culturally against the pressures of change and a 36-year civil war that decimated their population. Their persistence in continuing traditional art has created some of the loveliest, most colorful textiles the world has ever known. Artisans share their personal histories, hopes, and dreams along with the products of their hands and looms. Their stories show determination in the face of unimaginable loss and hardship which instill an appreciation for the textiles themselves and for the strong people who create them.


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