Adam Crapser update and COC

Update on the case of Adam Crapser, the 40-year-old man adopted from South Korea to the US at age three and facing deportation. The attorney representing Crapser, Lori Walls, told NBC Nightly News that this week an immigration judge ruled against Crapser, and his deportation is imminent. Said Walls: “He was eligible for a discretionary form of relief called ‘cancellation of removal,’ and the immigration judge decided he did not deserve this relief…He will be deported as soon as Immigration and Customs Enforcement makes the necessary arrangements.”

As you recall, Adam Crapser was convicted of a felony, and because he does not possess a Certificate of Citizenship–his adoptive parents never applied for one–Crapser is not legally a US citizen.

I’ve written in the past about the absolute importance of securing a Certificate of Citizenship, in Certificate of Citizenship, Now More Than Ever; Certificate of Citizenship; Certificate of Citizenship, Again; and A Mother’s Rights.  Please do not delay. ~


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  1. In-Jee Lee says:

    Adam’s lawyer, Lori Walls, of the Washington Immigration Defense Group, PLLC, gave an official link to donate. Write “Adam Crapser” in the memo line, and funds will go directly to Adam, ensuring his fees and transition costs are covered.

  2. Jessica says:

    Thank you, In-Jee Lee. Very helpful.

  3. Gloria Oren says:

    In-Jee, glad you found it helpful.

  4. Gloria Oren says:

    oops sorry didn’t mean to post it here thought it was a comment on my stop’s post.

  5. Priscilla Barnes says:

    Could President Obama pardon him?

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