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Lion, film about Saroo Brierley

Thursday, October 20th, 2016

At the movies last week, the kids and I saw the trailer for “Lion,” due out November 25. The film is based on the memoir A Long Way Home┬áby Saroo Brierley, published in the US by Putnam in 2014. You might remember the story: at five years old, Saroo was separated from his brother in a train station in India. The two boys often hopped trains to other towns in search of food. After living on the streets of Calcutta for three months, Saroo was placed in an orphanage and ultimately adopted by a family in Tasmania, Australia.

Twenty-five years later, through the wonders of Google Earth, Saroo located his hometown and the train station where his saga began, and, through determination and persistence, found and reunited with his birth mother. (His brother was killed by a train the day he and Saroo were separated.)

I’ve ordered Saroo’s memoir and can’t wait to read it. And you know where my family will be November 25.