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Mamalita reviewed on “Open Adoption Examiner”

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

To continue the recent theme of open adoption, here is a review of Mamalita on Lori Holden’s’s Open Adoption column. Guest reviewer Laura-Lynne Powell is a California journalist, and, like Lori and me, a mother through adoption. I’m grateful to both women for recognizing Mamalita and highlighting the subject of openness. Read an excerpt below:

As O’Dwyer’s heart opens to Guatemala and its people, she courageously faces the option of openness in foreign adoption. Guatemala is one of the rare countries that provides biographical information on birth parents, thus allowing for the possibility of contact.

In some of the most poignant passages of the book, O’Dwyer embarks on a second, equally dangerous journey, to connect to the very woman who brought her daughter into the world.

Mamalita is a suspenseful page-turner, a poetic tribute to all the tribulations that brought her daughter into her life, and an exploration on the impact of openness even in foreign adoption.

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