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McFarland USA

Friday, November 6th, 2015

McFarland USA. Disney movie, out last February. But you know me, I’m a year behind in everything, and the kids and I finally watched the movie last night.

I love a good story about anyone who overcomes a challenge, especially when that challenge involves an athletic contest set to a rousing musical score. Briefly, McFarland USA is about a group of middle-school boys in California’s Central Valley, sons of migrant workers from Mexico, who are coached to cross-country greatness by Jim White, played by Kevin Costner.

Olivia, Mateo, and I loved McFarland USA. Afterward, as I sat drying my tears, I asked “What was the movie’s message?” and Mateo said, “There were so many.” (Very true!) But they settled on two: “Work hard.” and “Don’t give up.”

That’s takeaway enough for me, and worth sharing.

We got the DVD from the library, and I’m sure it’s available elsewhere, as well. See it, if you haven’t already. Inspiring.