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Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020

Recently, I returned from a 9-day visit to a region in Guatemala I’d never been: Momostenango in the department of Totonicapán, in the western highlands of Guatemala. Wow. WOW. Momos is about 25 miles north of Quetzaltenango, the largest close city, and a short drive from San Francisco El Alto, generally regarded as the country’s most authentic market.

We were a small group of 5, plus our leader, Liza Fourre, and spiritual guide, Juana X. This is my second trip with Liza, who founded and runs “Art Workshops of Guatemala.” My first trip was a weaving tour to artisans in Nebaj and the Ixil area. The focus this time was on the Maya New Year on January 25, known as Wajshika B’atz, and observed traditionally in Momos.

I don’t have any photos of the New Year observances themselves. The ceremonies are sacred, and I wasn’t able to take pictures. But I have photos of the rest of the trip. Many. I’m posting only a few here.

Once again, we visited artisans. I bought two blankets from the weaver sitting at the loom, and have been sleeping under one of them. Soundest sleep of my life!

Momos is known for its unique rock formations called “riscos.” A friendly passerby snapped our pic.

The other photos are of the market at San Francisco El Alto. I’d heard it was amazing, and it was. The animals alone. But what’s most interesting is the construction. Everywhere! Big cement buildings going up on every inch of land, a marked contrast to still-standing adobe homes. ❤️