Heritage Camp

One of the very few places in the world where our family does not stand out as different is Colorado Heritage Camp. For the uninitiated, heritage camps are designed specifically for adoptive families of all kinds. The camp we attend is geared toward families with children from Latin America; camps are also designed for families with kids from Africa and the Caribbean, Cambodia, China, India and Nepal, the Philippines, Korea, Russia, and Vietnam.

Our family loves Heritage Camp. This will be the third year we attend. For a long weekend in June, we’ll stay in a YMCA lodge in the Rocky Mountains, along with other adoptive families from around the country. During the day, our kids will play games and do art projects that emphasize their Latin American culture. We adults will attend workshops and roundtables led by experts in adoption and child-rearing. Not all activities are scheduled: Families also find time to swim, hike, shop at the mercado, and practice their samba dancing at the Saturday night fiesta.

Every year, camp opens with an opening ceremony where the kids parade into the meeting hall carrying flags from the countries where they were born. As Olivia waited her turn the first year, she said to me with awe in her voice, ”Everyone here looks like us.” I was too choked up by the sight of our beautiful children carrying their flags to respond, but I squeezed my daughter’s hand to let her know I agreed. Olivia and Mateo hope to attend Heritage Camp every year until they turn 17. After that, their plan is to become counselors so they can be the “big kids” they now look up to.

The registration deadline for this year’s Heritage Camp is Saturday, April 24. Here’s the link. http://www.heritagecamps.org/camps.html


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6 Responses to “Heritage Camp”

  1. Rachel says:

    Hi – i just found your blog recently and have been enjoying seeing your beautiful kids! We are going to be a LAHC this year also. My daughter is so excited! She is 5 and will be in the K group this year. We went a couple of years ago and can’t wait to get back. I guess we will see you there!


  2. so cool! I didnt know that they had camps like this! Thanks for the info

  3. Jessica says:

    Hi Rachel: So glad you found my blog. Thanks for reading. My son Mateo is also 5 and will be in the K group. Look forward to meeting you!
    Kelly: I’m a huge believer in heritage camps. Very specific experience for our kids, different from visiting their home country but just as vital, I think. For you to consider in the future.

  4. Synthia Malina says:

    This one (Heritage Camp) brought tears to my eyes–I didn’t know about it and am so happy that I do now.

    How fun to be part of your blog–and me in your heart. I adore you too. I feel comforted that we are the same–but maybe more experienced–for better and worse with those 15 years. See you soon, syn

  5. Jessica says:

    Thanks, Syn. Heritage Camp really is a special place. Love the picture of you at the Zoo! (You’re so photogenic.) I’m very happy we get to experience these life phases together.

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