Spring Break in San Diego, part 2

Is there a more kid-friendly city in the United States than San Diego? Everywhere you look there’s something for children to do, and a lot of it costs nothing. Yesterday, while my husband gave a lecture to medical residents at Balboa Naval Hospital–before he joined the staff of the University of California, Tim served in the Army–the kids and I checked out the spectacular playground in Balboa Park. The day was warm, the sky was blue. Because we’re in San Diego! That’s one reason why we love this place!

San Diego is home to a large Latino community; shown below are mural details from the facade of Balboa Park’s Centro Cultural de la Raza. The Centro’s mission is “to create, preserve, promote and educate about Chicano, Mexicano, Indigenous and Latino art and culture.” The kids had too much energy to go inside, but they liked looking at the giant coyote, ram, and oversized ear of corn. And nothing like seeing cactus up close to realize that yes, those thorns are really pointy.


Last night, I met with my sister’s book club–thanks, sis!–and this evening we’ll have dinner with my parents and brother. But right now, we’re off for more adventures outside. Ta-ta for now~


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3 Responses to “Spring Break in San Diego, part 2”

  1. Lynn says:

    Say hello to the park for me. Don’t forget the obligatory wave to Ryan on your way out of town!

  2. Jessica says:

    Surely one of the country’s great urban parks. As we pass Pendleton, will do, Lynn. xo

  3. When is Spring Break…

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