A gift of flowers

This month Tim and I celebrated our eleventh wedding anniversary. Although that number might connote “newlywed” to some, it’s a record for me, and I’m thrilled we’ve achieved such a milestone.

Saturday night we enjoyed a rare dinner out in San Francisco—thank you for babysitting, P!—and as we left the restaurant, we couldn’t help but notice a wedding party in one corner of the dining room, at the center of which stood a glamorous bride and handsome groom.

I once heard that simply to lay eyes on a bride is good luck, a belief to which I’ve always subscribed, but because the occasion was special for us, as well, I felt compelled to interact somehow with the couple.

So, me being me—that is, a person who often acts on impulse—I left Tim at the coatcheck and rushed over to the newlyweds. “Congratulations!” I said. “I wish you many years of happiness.” And because I rarely leave well enough alone, I added:  ”It’s our anniversary, too!”

The new groom, slightly taken aback, smiled and said, “Thank you!” The new bride, also a little surprised, said, ”That’s so sweet!” Then, maybe because we shared an anniversary, or maybe because she just wanted me to move along, the new bride reached for the wedding table centerpiece, thrust it into my hands, and said, ”Here! Please! Take these flowers! Happy anniversary!”

Which is why, right now, sitting in my kitchen, I gaze upon a gorgeous array of white peonies, roses, and hydrangeas.

Just looking at them makes me happy. ~



4 Responses to “A gift of flowers”

  1. Sveta Nikitina-Kim says:

    I love this! What a sweet exchange of mutual good wishes. I think you both acted on an impulse – a wonderful impulse of acknowledging some kinship in your shared anniversary date, and you both shared the love – you in bravely reaching out and talking to them, and the bride in her graceful flower gift. Happy anniversary! And ohmygoodness, 11 years is a LOT! Especially if you got two lovely children and lots of adventures in the mix.

  2. Jessica says:

    When I saw the beautiful bride, I remembered the other beautiful bride I had seen most recently–you! At your glorious, fun, and fabulous wedding!

    And yes, 11 years! 11 eventful and love-filled years.

    Here’s wishing many more to you and Dae!

  3. Cynthia rovero says:

    Happy Anniversary to u 2. What a happy eve out and lovely flowers to reminese with ; ) wishing you many more happy times together in the years to come .

  4. Jessica says:

    Thank you, Cynthia. Those flowers are holding up great: a gift that keeps on giving. I appreciate your good wishes!

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