Guatemalan court annuls Rios Montt conviction

The latest twist in the Rios Montt trial: Guatemala’s top court annuls his genocide conviction. Oddly enough, I’m not surprised. Read the full article by Mike McDonald of Reuters here, and below, an excerpt:
Ana Caba, an ethnic Ixil who survived the civil war after fleeing her home, was stunned by the Constitutional Court’s decision. “I’m distressed,’ she told Reuters. ‘I don’t know what’s happening. That’s how this country is. The powerful people do what they want and we poor and indigenous are devalued. We don’t get justice. Justice means nothing for us.”
A statement both sad and true.
You might also find interesting this series of editorials in the New York Times, What Guilt Does the U.S. Bear in Guatemala?, in which four essayists debate this ongoing question.



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