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Gemma Givens

Friday, July 12th, 2019


I’m posting a link to an excellent profile of 28-year-old Gemma Givens in UCBerkeley News, Staffer’s search for birth mom reveals dark history of Guatemalan adoption. Adopted in 1990 at four months of age, Gemma Givens is founder of Next Generation Guatemala, an international community of people adopted from Guatemala.

So much of what Givens says in the article resonates, especially this: “I felt like I was foundationless, or that I was floating, or I was a ghost, or I was a genetic isolate, which, in a way, I was… Whose face do I have? Why am I so short? Why is my hair so thick? … On good days, I felt super proud and entitled and arrogant about that, like, ‘There’s no one like me.’ And on the worst days, I felt crippling depressed because I’m all alone in the world. Of course, I’m surrounded by love and family and friends, but in a really existential way, I’m completely alone.”

For more information on Gemma Givens or Next Generation Guatemala, see FB, the Next Generation webpage, or contact

Photo credit: UC Berkeley photo by Brittany Hosea-Small


AP article on Guatemalan adoptees searching for their roots

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

David Crary writes often about international adoption, including this AP article about young adults and teens from Guatemala who are searching for their roots: For Many Adoptees from Guatemala, a Complicated Legacy. The story feels very familiar to me, possibly because we are living it, and have lived it, for many years. Crary presents a balanced, nuanced picture–not always the case in adoption articles. I read through to the end without sighing. One of the women he profiles, 25-year-old Gemma Givens from the Bay Area, is setting up a FB community for persons adopted from Guatemala. I vote for that.