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In Guatemala

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

For anyone who is wondering where I´ve been lately, I´m in Guatemala with Mateo and my sister, Patrice. We´ve been here the past week, after our visit to San Diego.

At the moment, I have limited computer access, which is why I´ve been posting less than usual. But we´re having a great time!

Also, traveling with a very active six year old boy (I know that construction requires hyphens, but I can´t find them on the keyboard) leaves little time for writing, or doing much else except having fun.

But this week we visited Common Hope, an outstanding organization we support that I will write about when I return home, and met with my good friend, Leceta Chisholm Guibault, founder of Service Trips with Leceta (which I will also write about), and her gorgeous daughter, Kahleah.

I´m on one of the two computers in our hotel, in the nook next to the breakfast room where a lovely group of travelers is speaking German.

¡Hasta pronto!