Concert in the park

Antigua is a town filled with music. A few years back, I was lucky enough to be here during Christmas, and every night an orchestra of some kind performed classical selections in the Square. On Sunday, Olivia and I heard marimbas. An afternoon or two ago, a big band played.

Olivia and I stumbled upon the musicians warming up on the steps of the Municipalidad, one of the grand structures that edges the Square, then joined the crowd in the park to listen. The conductor gave the signal, and the band broke into “Begin the Beguine.” The tune was not what I’d expected, and it transported me to my childhood, when my parents listened to Big Band on the radio and my father warbled along. Olivia swayed to the music, creating her own memory of the melody. I’m happy hers is a memory is formed in Guatemala.

This last photo is one I couldn’t resist posting. Someone told me the bus originated from San Pedro las Huertas, a neighborhood in the Antigua Valley, and was decorated to celebrate the day of its patron saint. How can you not love a place that festoons its buses with red and green balloons?

My final news is that Tim and Mateo arrive tonight. (Yippee!) Depending on the condition of the roads, we plan to go to Lake Atitlan and Panajachel tomorrow and visit some people dear to us. Please note: I’m not sure what kind of Internet cafe I’ll find in the area. Many places in Guatemala are wireless connected, but my (relatively ancient) laptop is configured in such a way that I can’t access the signal. If you don’t hear from me for a few days, that’s the reason.


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2 Responses to “Concert in the park”

  1. nancy smith says:

    there IS an internet cafe in Santiago Atitlan, it’s near the bank. by mercado centrale as i remember.

    i left my heart there (in SA).

  2. Jessica says:

    nancy, thank you so much. i will look for it! understand why you left your heart here. a magical place. hope you get back soon.

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