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Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Dubrovnik, Croatia is considered one of the most beautiful fortified cities in the world. Yesterday, Tim and I walked around the top of the wall that surrounds it. The great views of the roof tops made me appreciate why so many painters from this part of Europe choose that perspective as their subject. I learned that Dubrovnik is where the concept of “quarantine” developed. Crew from arriving ships were isolated for 40 days to ensure that new diseases were not introduced to the local population.

To me, the most spectacular part of Dubrovnik is the stone streets, polished by the feet of pedestrians to an almost unnatural-seeming shine. My photos unfortunately cannot capture this quality. I can show you Tim and me at the restaurant where we ate fresh seafood caught a few hours earlier right outside the door in the magnificent Adriatic Sea, and a photo of me with the young artist we met whose paintings I admired and bought.  Below that, a photo of the rooftops new and old. Today we leave for the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb.